About us

ComeOn Group

A lot of things have happened since 2008 when ComeOn Group was founded. Today, we are operating with over a dozen brands on our proprietary platform providing a secure, innovative and entertainment-led player experience across our casino and sports betting business.

The early bird..
In an industry that is rapidly changing you need to be able to quickly adapt to new realities and seize opportunities before it’s too late. Our whole organisation is built to be able to take fast decisions and to go from strategy to action quickly. As an organisation we are lean for our size and our entrepreneurial spirit shines through in our ability to solve each and every problem we are faced with!

Innovative platform with endless possibilities

With our technical platform that has been developed in-house, we gain flexibility and freedom. With a strong focus on the European regulated market, our Saber platform allows us to be both opportunistic, fast and flexible which is key in growth generating projects.

Meaningful brands

We all like different things. To be able to connect with our customers we create strong brands that are relevant, authentic and consistent over time. Instead of trying to cater for every person’s need with one brand we have developed a multi brand strategy that allows us to create better experiences and at the same time cover bigger parts of each market we operate. Here are our brands:

Good things must come from the inside. This is why we put a lot of effort into making the ComeOn Group an awesome workplace. You can follow our journey on social media and at www.wearecomeon.com

Our values tells us how we should get things done!

Run together – The core of the ComeOn Group, we always run together.

Be Wise – The best decisions are taken with the heart and brain combined.

Stay Curious – Curiosity is the strong force that moves us forward.

Have Fun – You can probably also be successful as a boring company, but what’s the fun in that?